Every Falling Star by: Sungju Lee

28818317.jpgThis book is really good! Every Falling Star is about a boy who lives in a wealthier and more educated part of North Korea where he dreams of being a general in the military. Then, suddenly he finds out that his parents had been protecting him from the real world outside of wealthy Pyongyang. His life he felt was perfect, then comes to a stop when he and his parents move to a different part of North Korea where there is no food, no money, and gangs living on the street stealing from people. The boy is disgusted and knows he will never be one of these people. But when his mom and dad leave and don’t come back, he has no choice but to become a street boy. He soon finds a gang, and they have to survive the horrible life on the street, stealing, and trying not to be caught by the brutal police. This book is about a boy’s journey of survival.

I recommend this book for grades:6th-8th


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