The Roar by:Emma Clayton

This was a great book! Definitely one of my favorites. It had lots of suspense and it was hard for me to put down. The Roar is about twins Ellie and Mika. Ellie was taken a year ago and everyone thinks she is dead, except Mika. Mika knows that Ellie is alive and he is determined to find her. Soon, an organization called the YDF (youth development foundation) sponsors Mika’s school. The YDF gives them a fit mix and extra gym classes, and finally, they create a new game for the kids to play called Pod Fighter. The YDF makes it a competition where kids can earn their families great prizes like new apartments and hover cars. But for Mika, this is more than a competition, somehow he knows that he can find Ellie through winning this competition and he is determined to find her and show everyone the truth. But there are lots more truths that need to be found out than just his sister being alive.

I recommend this book for grades: 6th-8th


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