The Trap by Steve Arnston

22749695.jpgThis book was super good! It was mysterious, and there were questions that left me hanging after every chapter. The Trap is about a boy named Henry who travels in the Subtle World by astral projection with his friends to find the school’s biggest bully named Carl, who is also Henry’s best friend’s brother. When they enter the Subtle World, not only do they find Carl, but they also find the key to immortality. Suddenly, a greedy man named Abe Moller, is chasing them down for the key to immortality. Henry and his friends must keep the key, and Carl safe.

I recommend this book for grades: 5th-8th

Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon


This was a really good book! I loved it so much I couldn’t put it down. Everything Everything is about a girl named Madeline who has a very rare disease called SCID. SCID is a disease where you are allergic to pretty much EVERYTHING. Madeline has not gone outside since she was a baby, before her parents found out about SCID. Madeline’s new neighbor Olly, gets her curious about the outside, and things she has never even thought about, like, does she really have SCID? Madeline decides to risk everything, for her, and Olly, by finding out the truth about her 18 years of life inside.

I recommend this book for grades: 7th and up

Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood

8247286.jpgThis book was awesome! Charlie St. Cloud is about a boy named Charlie who’s brother Sam died in a car accident that Charlie caused. Charlie was dead too for a little bit until the paramedics were able to bring him back to life, but his brother Sam did not make it. When Charlie grew up he worked at the cemetery where Sam was buried, to keep his promise to Sam that Charlie would never leave him. Charlie had a special talent, that also helped him keep that promise. Charlie was able to see ghosts. He was able to visit with Sam whenever he wanted. When Charlie meets a girl named Tess, they fall in love. Tess and Charlie soon realize that Tess is fading. She was on a ship wreck, and nobody can find her. Charlie knows that somewhere, Tess is still alive, so it is up to him to find her with Tess’s ghost to help him. When he goes to find Tess, he must leave Sam forever. He has to choose wether to leave Sam and save Tess, or leave Tess and stay with Sam like he promise. Which will Charlie choose?

I recommend this book for grades:7th-9th

Cold War on Maplewood Street by Gayle Rosengren

23281786.jpgThis was terrific! It takes place in the U.S. during the time of the Cold War. Everyone is panicking, especially Joanna and her mom because Joanna’s brother Sam is in the Navy. Joanna is also panicking about wearing makeup to school, going to a boy-girl party, and her scary neighbor who always wants to talk to her. But none of that seems important when her brother is in danger. All she want is for Sam to come back safely. But will that happen? As I was reading this I was always wondering what was going to happen to Sam, the neighbor, and if her mom would let her go to the party. There were lots of twists besides those also. When you read this, you can take away that some things are more important than what you want at that moment.

I recommend this book for grades:5th-7th

The Lying Game By: Sara Shepard

8428069.jpgThis is an amazing book!!! It is a series and you should read them in order. The Lying Game series is about a girl named Emma who is a foster kid. One day, she finds a video online of a girl who looks EXACTLY like her, being strangled with a necklace. Emma goes to find the girl in Arizona, only to find her missing. She finds out that this girls name is Sutton, and she is Emma’s twin sister. But she also finds out that Sutton was murdered and nobody knows but her. Sutton’s friends still think she Sutton, so now Emma has to live in Sutton’s life and find out who killed her.

I recommend this book for grades:7th-9th

Every Falling Star by: Sungju Lee

28818317.jpgThis book is really good! Every Falling Star is about a boy who lives in a wealthier and more educated part of North Korea where he dreams of being a general in the military. Then, suddenly he finds out that his parents had been protecting him from the real world outside of wealthy Pyongyang. His life he felt was perfect, then comes to a stop when he and his parents move to a different part of North Korea where there is no food, no money, and gangs living on the street stealing from people. The boy is disgusted and knows he will never be one of these people. But when his mom and dad leave and don’t come back, he has no choice but to become a street boy. He soon finds a gang, and they have to survive the horrible life on the street, stealing, and trying not to be caught by the brutal police. This book is about a boy’s journey of survival.

I recommend this book for grades:6th-8th

The Roar by:Emma Clayton

This was a great book! Definitely one of my favorites. It had lots of suspense and it was hard for me to put down. The Roar is about twins Ellie and Mika. Ellie was taken a year ago and everyone thinks she is dead, except Mika. Mika knows that Ellie is alive and he is determined to find her. Soon, an organization called the YDF (youth development foundation) sponsors Mika’s school. The YDF gives them a fit mix and extra gym classes, and finally, they create a new game for the kids to play called Pod Fighter. The YDF makes it a competition where kids can earn their families great prizes like new apartments and hover cars. But for Mika, this is more than a competition, somehow he knows that he can find Ellie through winning this competition and he is determined to find her and show everyone the truth. But there are lots more truths that need to be found out than just his sister being alive.

I recommend this book for grades: 6th-8th