Lost In Outer Space by Tod Olson

Maya Read:

30652350.jpgThis book was pretty good. It is nonfiction. I thought it was slow at first, sometimes too much dialogue, and sometimes not enough dialogue. It was also a bit confusing, because the author tried to explain all the math and science behind it, and that was hard to understand. But it was also very  interesting and you could understand Apollo 13’s journey from a different perspective. The book explained what went wrong, how they fixed it, life in the spaceship, and life on earth. A little background information-Apollo 13 was the 3rd mission to the moon, everything seemed great, but then just a few days in space, things went very wrong: oxygen levels were plummeting, the spaceship went off course, the astronauts were getting sick and it was miserably cold. The book was well researched and interesting, but a bit slow.


I recommend this book for grades: 5th-8th


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