Ruffleclaw by Cornelia Funke

Before we talk books, as mom-moderator, I want to mention a couple things.

First, Natasha is going to add to the blog now as well! She is finishing third grade so will have some good recommendations for 2nd to 4th grade reading. See below for her post.

Also, please ‘Follow’ our blog rather than just reading through your email. When you ‘follow’ we get to see how many readers we have and you get to make comments (which the girls love!).

Now, on to a book review:)

24238168.jpgI liked this book a lot. It’s about a monster named Ruffleclaw who would eat anything. He wanted to move in with humans. He moves in with a boy named tommy. Though Tommy’s family did not know that because it was in the middle of the night. the next morning tommy saw the monster in his bed. tommy has always wanted a pet but his father was allergic to animal fur. And Ruffleclaw has fur. so tommy decided to hide it. ( Also because his mother would be afraid of it)


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