H2O by Virginia Bergin

22525534.jpgThis book was Amazing! It was extremely hard for me to put it down, so I finished it pretty quickly. Though this book has some bad reviews, I don’t know why because it was just so good. H2O is about a girl named Ruby, who gets stuck in her house with the rest of her family, watching the rest of the town die from the killer rain pouring down. This rain has bacteria in it that is thirsty for blood, and it will stop at nothing to get it. While the rest of the town is in chaos, Ruby and her family try to remain calm and survive the best they can. Soon, when resources, like clean water, are scarce, Ruby decides to put herself in danger to find more food, and to find her dad who has gone missing. Will Ruby survive? Or will she just be another lonely body on the street?

I recommend this book for grades:7th-10th


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