Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood

8247286.jpgThis book was awesome! Charlie St. Cloud is about a boy named Charlie who’s brother Sam died in a car accident that Charlie caused. Charlie was dead too for a little bit until the paramedics were able to bring him back to life, but his brother Sam did not make it. When Charlie grew up he worked at the cemetery where Sam was buried, to keep his promise to Sam that Charlie would never leave him. Charlie had a special talent, that also helped him keep that promise. Charlie was able to see ghosts. He was able to visit with Sam whenever he wanted. When Charlie meets a girl named Tess, they fall in love. Tess and Charlie soon realize that Tess is fading. She was on a ship wreck, and nobody can find her. Charlie knows that somewhere, Tess is still alive, so it is up to him to find her with Tess’s ghost to help him. When he goes to find Tess, he must leave Sam forever. He has to choose wether to leave Sam and save Tess, or leave Tess and stay with Sam like he promise. Which will Charlie choose?

I recommend this book for grades:7th-9th


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