Cold War on Maplewood Street by Gayle Rosengren

23281786.jpgThis was terrific! It takes place in the U.S. during the time of the Cold War. Everyone is panicking, especially Joanna and her mom because Joanna’s brother Sam is in the Navy. Joanna is also panicking about wearing makeup to school, going to a boy-girl party, and her scary neighbor who always wants to talk to her. But none of that seems important when her brother is in danger. All she want is for Sam to come back safely. But will that happen? As I was reading this I was always wondering what was going to happen to Sam, the neighbor, and if her mom would let her go to the party. There were lots of twists besides those also. When you read this, you can take away that some things are more important than what you want at that moment.

I recommend this book for grades:5th-7th


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