The Compound (#1 & 2) by S.A. Bodeen

2696181.jpg      17166165.jpg

I loved these books so much! I went through them so fast even my language arts teacher was impressed! They are also by one of my favorite authors. These books are about a very rich family who gets locked in a compound underground. Their dad built the compound for a safe spot to live if a nuclear explosion goes off. Then, that day comes, and Eli, the main character, and the rest of his family hurry into the compound. But when they realize that they left out Eli’s twin brother and his grandma, it is too late.Eli has to live for 6 years underground with a shortening food supply, and a growing suspicion about this compound. As the time in the compound goes on, Eli finds out more and more about his father’s secret. Was there really a bomb? Why is the Internet up? Why is Eli’s dad acting so weird? What’s in the yellow room?

I recommend this book for grades:5th-7th


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