Shipwreck Island Series 1-3 by S.A. Bodeen


This was an amazing series! I read them all so fast and all in a row! These books are by one of my favorite authors! I’ve read The Raft, and The Detour by her. This series is about a girl named Sarah, who’s mom died, and now she has a stepmom and two stepbrothers named Marco and Nacho. Sarah’s dad and her new stepmom go on a family cruise for their honeymoon, taking the kids with them. When their boat wrecks on an island, they are all left to survive there while waiting for help to come. But this is not any ordinary island, there are many secrets to uncover, and is the strange girl from the beach telling the truth? Where did she come from? When will they ever get off the island?

To find out those answers we will have to read the 4th book that is not even out yet:(

I recommend this book for grades:4th-7th


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