The 5th Wave by: Rick Yancey


Maya Says:

I loved this book so so sooo much! It was great! It was exciting the whole way through. I loved how it changed perspectives. One thing I did not like very much though is that you did not know whos perspective it was or when it was switching. But it was fun figuring it out. The 5th Wave is about a girl named Cassie who has to survive the apocalypse. She has lost everyone else, but her brother Sammy. When Sammy gets taken, Cassie is on a mission to find him and keep them both alive. One day, Cassie wakes up to find herself in a boy named Evan Walker’s house. She does not know who Evan is Cassie does not know if she can trust him. As they become closer though, she becomes more suspicious, but at the same time, does not want to let him go.

I reommend this book for grades:6th and any age above


Mom Says:

I was not ready for Maya to read this book. I was already reading it and was scared and paranoid myself. But her teacher recommended it to the class and she started reading it right away. I was also uncomfortable with her reading the romance parts of the book–just not ready for my kid to grow up, I guess. The good thing was, the relationships portrayed are normal and healthy (not like some other books of this genre) and a good thing to actually talk about with my 6th grader.

As for the book itself–I ate it up! It is fast-paced and well-written and the characters are well-developed.

I think we will both be reading the 2nd one The Infinite Sea, very soon!

Recommended for 8th and up (yes, I still think it’s for the older kiddos!)


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