Mother’s Day Reading

Mother’s Day is tomorrow!k3539775

I am a parenting book junkie.

But where do those books really get me?

Do I remember exactly what to say when a certain situation comes up?

Do I really remember how I am supposed to react?


Their is a joy and purpose to reading parenting books though.

Besides keeping the general idea, for me, the purpose is to figure out how much I’ve already screwed up and whether my kids will need therapy later in life, but also to sometimes get affirmation that I’m not doing all that bad.

Reading fiction to understand our kids can sometimes do more for us though. Reading fiction helps make us human.  Literature connects us to and deepens our understanding of other people. Framed around a situation and characters that we come to care for in a span of 150 plus pages gives us a framework, a sense of knowing the story that sticks with us.

Here are 5 books our kids will wish we had read:

566850.jpg The Rest of Her Life by Laura Moriarty

This novel shows how easily the connection between mother and daughter can be broken. Yet, also healed.

Wendy Maas’ Willow Falls Series– From ages 11 to 13/14        4835838.jpg

I think this is a good series to give parents an idea of the things going on in their kids’ lives: what they think about, what they worry about and things that can happen in their daily lives that can have impact on them, that as adults we wouldn’t assume.

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

16143347   This bizarre novel shows us how parents’ problems can affect kids even if we try to hide them.

How to Breathe Underwater: stories by Julie Orringer


This collection of stories reminds of us of the secret life of children and the awkward, painful situations that young people find themselves in and how they sometimes must use their own secret wisdom to get out of and deal with them.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

This book shows us that young people have feelings that are just as tender and real as any adult’s and not all chocked up to hormones.    11870085










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