The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo


Mom Says: Another great story by DiCamillo! This is a bittersweet, powerful story about a boy caging his feelings and what it takes to set them free. Full of compassion and friendship and complicated emotions. This is a good book to discuss metaphor and their uses.
This was a good read-aloud (albeit an emotional one).

Maya Says: I was not so sure about the book at first but when we got into it more it got a lot better. I think it was just a little cheesy though. It is about a boy whose mom just died so him and his dad move to Florida in a motel. On his first day the boy sees a tiger in a cage and is determined to find out more about it. When he finds a friend, a girl named Sistine, they want to let the tiger free. This was a better book than I thought it would be!


Recommended for: Grades 5th and up (or all school-ages as a read-aloud)


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