All The Broken Pieces By: Ann Burg


I really liked this book. We read it at school for a read aloud because we were learning about the Vietnam War. This book is serious, but it can also be funny. All The Broken Pieces is about a boy named Matt, who is a refugee from Vietnam, who is now living with a loving family in New York. Matt came to America when he was ten. He is twelve now, but he is still having trouble getting comfortable in his new home. He has many flashbacks of Vietnam and his family. He is a very good baseball player, so he tries out for the baseball team for his dad. He is bullied by Davie, Rob, and Billy. The bullies keep making comments that it was Matt’s fault for everything that happens to Americans in the war. Matt believes that it was his fault that Rob’s brother and other soldiers died because of him, like Rob said. When Davie finds out that Matt made the baseball team along with Rob and himself, Davie quits. Matt has music and piano there for him along with his family.

I recommend this book for grades: 5th-6th


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