Dory Fantasmagory by Abby Hanlon

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Mom Says:

I cannot tell you how much I love these two books. The story and the illustrations are adorable and hilarious. Dory is not only a realistic character but she is charming and has as big a personality as Junie B. Jones–only much sweeter. Dory is the youngest in her family and her older siblings won’t play with her so she is left to play on her own. She has a rich imagination that she uses to create a fantasy life in which she can exact revenge on her sister’s favorite doll or show her brother that she can make his wish come true. Dory has a best friend named Mary, a monster who sleeps under her bed and is always willing to play. There is a Mrs. Gobble Gracker and a Mr. Nuggy who are brilliant characters as well.

Both books are laugh-out-loud funny and my seven year old picked them up for a second reading on her own as soon as we finished them together.

Recommended for grades 1-6 (Maya might not admit it, but she got a kick out of listening to these too:)

Check out Abby Hanlon’s picture book also:14843803


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