Ava and Taco Cat By: Carol Weston


Maya’s Review:

Ava and Taco Cat is a really good book. It is the sequel to Ava and Pip. There are some funny parts and some serious parts. It is about a girl and her sister, one of the girls’ birthdays is coming up and she really wants a cat but her parents don’t. So she and her sister try to do everything they can to get the cat. It is super impressive how many palindromes the author can come up with (if you have’nt noticed T-A-C-O-C-A-T)! I would recommend you  read the books in order though. The first book is called Ava and Pip17845805

Book 1 for grades:3rd-5th

Book 2 for grades:4th-6th

Mom’s Review:

Ava and Pip and Ava and Taco Cat are both entertaining and clever as well as thought-provoking for this age group, focusing on topics such as social anxiety, dealing with friends, negotiating with parents and being a sister.

We’ve seen Carol Weston speak and read from her books a couple times now.  She is passionate about writing and about her readers–as well as super friendly!


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