Because of Mr. Terupt and Mr. Terupt Falls Again by Rob Buyea

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Because of Mr.Terupt, is a really good book. The author is very good at writing different people’s perspective. Lots of things happen. It is filled with exciting things! It is also SUPER funny! It is about seven kids whose teacher is awesome because he is the only teacher who understands them and their craziness, and something happens in the book that makes the kids even closer to Mr. Terupt. The sequel, Mr. Terupt Falls Again, is just as good, if not better, because something even more exciting happens! But you have to read them in order or else NOTHING will make sense.

book 1 for grades: 4th-8th

book 2 for grades: 5th-8th

Note: There is a third book; Saving Mr. Terupt, that just came out!


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