I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai


Maya’s Review:

I think Malala is very brave. This book gives very good details about how life was at school, and home in Pakistan. But sometimes it is annoying when she says how grateful she is all the time. But other than that it is a great book. What was most surprising was that even though she was being threatened by the Taliban, she did not stop fighting for girls rights. I was also surprised that they had cell phones and Internet in Pakistan.:)

I reccommend this book for grades 5th-7th

Mom’s Review:

I did not realize that we were reading the young reader’s edition and I don’t know what the difference might be. Perhaps she left out the true spirit of the violence she witnessed in this version. I did feel that she was just a bit too positive and benevolent and I wondered whether she had any bad days when she felt sorry for herself or railed against the world. I think young readers would benefit from seeing this side of her too.

But obviously Malala’s story is uplifting and full of hope. I have admiration for her bravery and convictions.

There is some great history and geography learning too!


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