The Honest Truth Book Review

M's Review:
When you read this book you will probably think "This kid is crazy". 
Dan Gemeinhart gives a lot of good details and feeling to this book. My 
teacher read this book for a read-aloud in class and had a lot of people crying....
I think this is a good book for 4th grade and above.

Mom's Take:

This is a great story about friendship and the value of life in the face of 
illness. Readers 5th grade to adult will enjoy this book.
It's a good book for opening up discussion about illness, death and choices
that are made. 
Questions this book generated:
Why did the author choose a girl to be the main character's best friend?
What should Jessie have done?
What would you do if you were Mark?
What would you do if you were Jessie?

One thought on “The Honest Truth Book Review

  1. I’m so glad you both started a blog. I will share it with the boys. I already put The Honest Truth on hold at the library. Cant wait to see what book you guys will talk about next. Good Luck in your blogging adventures.


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